San Diego Health Club and Fitness Center Cleaning Services

San Diego Gym Cleaning Services

Equipment, amenities, and classes offered are all important to consider when choosing a gym or fitness facility - but cleanliness can make or break a member’s decision to stay or go. And no potential member wants to take a tour of a dirty facility. With the number of human bodies all striving to break a sweat and get in shape, cleaning a gym properly can be challenging. Consistency is the key. We start with the restrooms and locker rooms, disinfecting and scrubbing the showers, steam, sauna and toilet areas. Smelly locker rooms? No problem. We use specialized products that eliminate instead of masking smells and odors. Finally, we disinfect all equipment, as well as any other surface that people might touch. With our detailed plan, the cleaners know what to do and when, because a gym can never be too clean, right?

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