The Uncertainty of the New Normal. How Do We Prepare?

The Uncertainty of the New Normal. How Do We Prepare?

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      We know many are concerned about the uncertainty amid this pandemic especially when it comes to safely going back to work. We have been asked multiple times from our clients about our ability to keep their facilities safe. Our cleaners are working hard to pivot their cleaning regimen to incorporate all up-to-date CDC guidelines and recommendations. Properly removing microscopic disease-causing pathogens, such as Covid-19, is an absolute priority. We have been diligently training all of our cleaners to disinfect touch points, handles, and other potentially infected surfaces by using specific disinfectants like Mark E II Hospital Grade.

            Another important component for fighting the spread of harmful pathogens is with the use of personal protective equipment, PPE. Cleaners are well versed in the proper wear and disposal of face masks and gloves. To further protect everyone cleaners are also trained to use different colored microfibers for different areas as well as different microfibers for each facility they clean. All of this minimizes risk and effectively prevents cross-contamination as cleaners travel from location to location.

            Even with all the precautions taken by each of us to prevent the spread of viruses we must be vigilant and ready to act when we see a possible breach to our health. We provide rapid emergency response throughout the San Diego area so you can have peace of mind in the event of an outbreak. Through our service at The Disinfection Connection we are offering a quick, easy, and safe solution with the use of total 360 Electrostatic spraying equipment. The process is EPA, FDA, & CDC approved. 

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