We Can Clean Buildings But, We Can’t Keep Our Environment Clean Ourselves.

We Can Clean Buildings But, We Can’t Keep Our Environment Clean Ourselves.

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     Over 16,400 firefighters are currently battling more than 20 major wildfires in California, according to the latest report by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. More than 8,300 wildfires have burned over four million acres of California to date, with 31 deaths reported and 8,819 structures destroyed. This is truly devastating, especially during the current pandemic. 

     Of course, some structures will and should be rebuilt but, we must also jump-start the regrowth of the ecosystems that were lost. Planting new trees is the best way we can do that. New trees will bring back all the critters and fauna that we love and are essential to our environment in their own unique ways. More directly, trees help keep our air cleaner by generating oxygen from water and carbon dioxide in the air. Essentially trees naturally filter the air around us so we can all, quite literally, breathe easier!

     As a cleaning company we strive to not only keep homes and workplaces clean but also our environment however we can. One such place we have taken action is through the organization American Forests. Join us in our contribution here

     American Forests will plant trees in a location where they are most needed and no place in America needs them more than California. They can help restore an ecosystem that will provide an expanded wildlife habitat, clean our air and water, and mitigate climate change. This year, American Forests is assisting in planting 3 million trees in several threatened wildland landscapes in North America.